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Christine Daae as portrayed by Mary Philbin in The Phantom of the opera (1925 film)


Christine Daae was the understudy for the Paris Opera House's Prima Donna La Carlotta when Carlotta fell ill due to "mysterious circumstances." Christine was thus given the main role in the opera Faust.

Christine was excellent, mainly because she took lessons from a "mysterious person" that lurked behind the walls of her dressing room. Christine believed The Shape to be The Angel Of Music sent by her dead father to watch over her.

One day the Voice behind her walls told her to walk towards the mirror (which led to a secret passageway). Beyond the mirror, Christine found not an angel but a masked man called "Erik".

Christine walks towards The Mirror

. Erik was in fact the man who spoke to her. Erik lead her through to his lair beneath the opera house.

Christine meets Erik


Erik Rowing


Christine realised that Erik was "The Phantom Of The Opera", a mysterious "ghost" who caused terror in the opera. She fainted and awoke in a room filled with things like mirrors, shoes, and clothes, all for her. She found Erik playing on the piano. Erik was quickly "unmasked" by her to reveal his ugly deformed face.

Erik decided he must never let her go. Christine bargained for one more night of freedom before she returned to him, her "Master". She meets with Her Lover Raoul although Erik had forbidden her from doing so.

Erik attends the party dressed as The Red Death and Raoul and Christine escape to the rooftops where she makes plans to run away with Raoul after her next performance.

She is later kidnapped by Erik on stage when all the lights go out. Erik talks to her about how he wants to be like normal men and have a wife. He quickly traps Raoul and another man (The Persian), who try to save her in a room where he can kill them by touching a button.

Erik gives her a choice: marry him or let them die. Christine doesn't make a decision but Erik lets them go anyway as a mob is chasing after him.

Christine gets into a coach and waits for Raoul.

Erik (who is running from the mob) knocks out the driver and takes the reins.

Christine is scared but when the mob kills Erik, she is comforted by Raoul.

The WeddingEdit

The Original 1925 release of movie included a scene at the end of Raoul and Christine getting married.

"I must see beyond the mask"


The 1929 Dubbed VersionEdit

When Universal decided to dub the movie, Mary Philbin voiced Christine. Her career, as well as that of many other silent film stars, was killed by the introduction of sound (She could not voice act very well).