As Written by
Susan Kay

Erik is the main antagonist as he appeared in in Susan Kay's Novel Phantom

Character's History Edit

Erik, better known as The Phantom of the Opera was born in 1831 in St. Martin de Boscherville, France. His father died on the 3rd of May, three months before his birth. His date of Birth is not named, but looking at his fathers death, it must be in the beginning of August. His father, named Charles, was a successful, elderly, black haired and good-looking mason. His mother, Madeleine, was a rich person's child, educated in a convent school.

Erik was hid away by his mother because he was deformed. When an angry mob burst into their house to kill Erik, Erik escaped but his dog was killed. He then decided to run away from home, and only then did his mother realize she loved him. The rest of the book is basically a retelling of the original.