Phantom Reviews is a series of reviews posted on Youtube . The Series is hosted by the Phantom Reviewer

The SeriesEdit

The series began in July 2008 with a review of The Webber Version . Since then many other reviews have been posted .

A Review of the Schell/Seymour Version

A Review Of the The Hammer Horror Version

A Review of The Phantom Of The Paradise

A Review of the The Robert Englund Version

A Review of The Lon Chaney Version

A Review of Song At Midnight

A Review of the The Claude Rains Version

A Review of El Phantasma de la Opereta (1959 film)

A Review Of Eyes Without A Face

A Review of The Phantom of Hollywood

A Review of The 1987 animated version

A Review of The Phantom of the Mall: Eric's Revenge

A Review of The Charles Dance version

Other Videos Include A comparssion of The Unmasking in the 1925 version and the 1929 Dubbed version , A rare full recording of The Music Of The Bells.


The Phantom Reviewer took a break from Phantom Reviews at one point annouching that he would relaunch it with New characters and a theme song . He wanted a talented voice voice actress to voice Christine and someone else to sing his new theme tune . The Christine character and the theme tune have now been a regular part of the reviews since The Phantom of Hollywood review.