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The Angel of Music
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The Angel Of Music is a fictional character dreamed up By Christine Daae and her father.

The Story Edit

Christines father told her that one day after he was dead , he would send her "The Angel of Music" .Christine believes the voice behind her walls is The Angel sent by her father but in actuality is A deformed musician called Erik.

A Fallen Angel

The Importance Of The Angel of MusicEdit

The Angel Of Music is vital towards the story; if Christine did not believe in the Angel she wouldn't have trusted Erik, and the whole story would never have happened (at least not in the way we now know it).

The Angel Of Music in AdaptionsEdit

Most adaptions emit the Angel of Music subplot and replace it with something else.

The original cut of The 1925 movie contained scenes of mentioning the Angel Of Music. Christine tells Raoul that she has been visited by The Angel and he laughs at her.

The 1986 Musical has a strong Angel of Music subplot (even including a song).

The 2004 movie of the musical again contains The Angel of Music plot and song.


Erik is The Angel of Music

Song Edit

This article is about the non-exsistant angel in the novel . For the song see Angel of Music (Song)