Winslow Leach is the Phantom in the 1974 Brian De Palma film Phantom of the Paradise. He is disfigured due to getting his head caught in a record press. His masterpiece was to be the first Rock Opera version of Faust. Winslow is deeply in love with Phoenix, a young female singer he meets at the Faust auditions. The villain of his story is Swan, a satanic record producer who steals Winslow's music. (And is short because he's Paul Williams. I've been looking low and low for him!)

Winslow Leach


Winslow Leach
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The Phantom
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Winslow is very passionate about his music and songwriting. In most other aspects of his life, he is very mild-mannered, almost to the point of being passive. But when it comes to his music being stolen and bastardized, a raging, nuclear-bomb level temper is revealed. He demonstrates seemingly superhuman strength when in the throes of such rages.

Winslow would tell you that his talent is in songwriting. I would argue, however, that his true talent is in violence, as demonstrated in over-the-top fashion several times throughout the film. I would never say to his face though...dude would literally tear me in half.